Launching New XPOP Table Multi-Touchscreen 47"

We are delighted with the launching of new XPOP Table touchscreen (XPOP-MT47)  in Malaysia.  Table Touchscreen has been popular in many countries such as Korea, Japan and United Kingdom but it is pretty new in Malaysia. It has been used in restaurants, pubs, libraries, schools, museums, directory services and others.
Starbucks Korea has been using Table Touchscreen since 2009   [embedyt][/embedyt]
The benefits of Table touchscreen used in restaurants, pubs or even coffee shops as it increases the customers sastifaction. Customer can order their foods or drinks at their seats, play games with their companions (rather than focus on individual handphone). It also can be served as advertisement or promotion update for the customers.
Xpop-MT47 is definitely one of its kind in Malaysia. It is  the lastest generation Multitouch screen Table  manufactured from Korea.
It is designed in elegant way and with slim top.  It has  round-edge design which is one of  signature design for XPOP digital signage.  The glass top is tempered glass and heat resistant (i.e hot drinks); this makes it suitable for deskstop. With the popularity of touchscreen of  ipad and also  touchscreen mobile phone, customers  are expected to have  touchscreen ability on all digital signage. With the X-POP–MT47 multi-touchscreen, organisations can design more creative application for their customers.
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