Cybersecurity is   practice of  putting technology, process and people to secure enterprise asset and user productivity  from cyberthreats. Business in new world is  dynamic as  there is requirement for  provision new users,  new applications, servers ,  moving  branches or data centers  as business grow or transformation. It is ongoing effort for enterprise to continue evaluate current environment, planning for new innovative technology and improve visibility into speedy actionable by experienced security team.


Managed Security Services

Enterprise had rolled out network security, SIEM, EDR  to their end users and realized  they  have limit resources to manage and utilize the services effectively. We are called in to assist in the following

  • Managed Network and Web Proxy Security
  • Managed Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) –
    • Events logs are constantly generated from various infrastructure devices , security devices, servers , Azure AD ,  Applications (e.g Office365, MS Exchange) . There are tonnes of logs generated per day and enterprises need to store and using right tools to correlate and monitor it . It is not surprised that enterprises does not have the resources or the right skillset to spot the bad things happened.
  • Managed EDR
  • Managed SOC

Managed Detection and Response

  • Incident response
    • Scalene will help you to minimize cyber security risk which commonly being able to rapidly identify and respond to particular cyber attacks that is essential. Scalene MDR service that supplies people, technology and intelligence required to hunt for threats across organization’s networks and endpoints and help shut them down before they cause damage or service interruption.
  • Threat Hunting
    • Known of hidden adversaries: reducing the impact of potential security breaches and identifying them and act in a timely manner. Threat hunting gives advantage by knowing or seeing the early detection of attack with an adoption  of Indicator of Attacks and Indicator of Compromise to proactively identify suspicious activities of known and unknown adversaries.

Security Training and Awareness session

People plays a vital part in any organization’s. Reputation of the companies can be protected with the continuous learning by empowering or creating a secure-minded workforce. This will help to strengthen the human element of security risk.