Cloud First

As more enterprises moved their business applications  to the clouds  or simply using Software as a Services (SaaS);  We understand the challenges faced by enterprises and would like to  help clients navigate through and accelerate  their transformation to realize greater value at shorter time.

Cloud Secure Internet Gateway

Internet becomes  enterprise backbone for office user to access applications on Internet from Microsoft Office 365 , Workday to Facebook and Video conferencing. Users are on laptop and work from anywhere and it is getting harder to secure users from all locations. With our  recommendation on Cloud Secure Internet gateway solution, enterprises has a piece of mind on their users working from anywhere at anytime.

  • Cloud security
  • SSL interceptions
  • URL Filtering , Cloud Apps Cloud
  • Anti Virus and Anti Spyware gateway
  • Office365 Traffics Optimisation
  • Advanced Threat Protections
  • Cloud Access Service Broker
  • Advanced Behaviour Analysis and Sandbox to analysis first time unknown files (PDF,exe,DLL,APK)  download
  • Web browser Isolation to ensure no malicious code infected the client endpoint
  • Prevent user send out sensitive data send out accidentally  with Cloud Data loss protection

Ask4key is the largest deployment providers for inline cloud security with over 100,000 seats deployed. Understand the different between proxy architecture to inspect SSL traffics and pass through good/bad packets or limitation by SSL bandwidth.

Talk to us on how to ensure users traffics on Internet are fully secured.

Web Applications Protection and Performance

Online presence becomes important for more enterprises. The ease to interact with their customers or partners has web applications on Internet expanding rapidly over the decades. Customer experience  with enterprises  is also shifting from offline to online. This increase requirement for enterprise web applications needs to perform and tip top conditions as it represent the company brand.  In this business landscape, it is generating new opportunities for criminal activities if care is not taken on those  customers facing applications

  • Web Application Firewall (WAF) with no change to your existing infrastructure
  • Domain Name with enterprise grade Authoritative DNS
  • DDOS traffic mitigation while ensuring legitimate traffic is not compromised
  • Content Acceleration
  • SSL/TLS your web applications
  • Stop malicious bots from content scrapping or content spam

Let us work with you to build a strong brand identity online.

Cloud Data Protection for Modern Workload

As enterprises using more computing resources  from various cloud platforms and  also on-premises data centers,  Data which is critical asset for companies  is scattered in various places, countries or server. Traditionally all data is bound within corporate environment , all users are connect to corporate network and private data center, protecting data was simpler back then. In today business, employees use cloud applications, moving around and using Internet to access their data.

There is a need for comprehensive backup solution for desktop/laptop, cloud applicaitonsand also servers to ensure we do not lost those data.

  • Safeguarding data from server, user data, Cloud workloads
  • Cloud backup simplifies enterprises with scattered data and servers throughout globally
  • Consistently backup important data even  from Microsoft 365 including Onedrive
  • Reduce infrastructure with cloud backup and disaster recovery
  • Data handling with higher levels of security and compliance

Add Cloud backup as part of transformations for the users, cloud applications and servers. Our trained engineers are happy to do a demonstration to you and your team.

Cloud Unified Infrastructure Performance Monitoring

With enterprises moving to use public cloud and private data center in hybrid manner, they are facing new challenges to monitor their infrastructure and platform that span across multiple sites. Any downtime will cost the companies and affect their brands severely. A newer unified observability tools with machine learning is required to assist the team “see more , know more and do more”

  • Discover all your critical asset and presented in unified view ; network devices , servers , Virtual machines and applications
  • Over 2000 prebuilt integration templates ; AWS, Cisco, Aruba, Linux OS, Microsoft OS, Kubernetes, Veeam , MS SQL,
  • Understand correlation between your own infrastructure platform
  • Notification on critical changes
  • Service level visibility
  • Automate and workflow on IT escalation process
  • Just-in-time Comprehensive Reporting