Business Software


Business goes through different life cycle and the requirements varies throughout the journey. From more defined jobs scope to the need of  different analysis  on the business, different solution is required .

  • Established
    • Sage 100 | Sage 200
    • Highlight features : Consolidated company financial statement, Budgeting, Add plugin, Reporting and Business Intelligence
  • Growth
    • Sage 50 | Sage UBS
    • Highlight features : Business control for 1-25 users, GST Compliance, from simple business accounting to track inventory
  • Startup/Seed
    • Sage One
    • Highlight features : Mobility, Invoicing and collaborate with Outsource Accountant.


We are HRDF approved training partner and deliver following courses.

  • Product Training
    • Sage UBS Accounting and Billing
    • Sage UBS Inventory and Billing
    • Sage 50 Accounting and Invoicing
    • Sage 50 Inventory
    • Sage UBS Payroll
    • Product Update
  • GST Training
    • GST 201 for Sage UBS/Sage 50
    • GST 202 for Sage UBS (Buy now)
  • Accounting and  Record Keeping
    • Record Keeping for Small Companies

We offer classroom training at Sage KL office and On-site(private Classroom) .


Ask4DBBackup is an Automated Schedule Backup Tool which is designed to help  user to do daily or weekly backup automatically for following software

  • Sage UBS Accounting
  • Sage UBS Billing and Inventory
  • Sage Payroll
  • Sage 50 (Asia)


Business Owner  implemented GST past few years  has been faced uncertainty due to unavailability to check their own GST records and tax submission. Changes in GST preparer i.e. the accountant or account clerk that prepare the GST-03, new addition Tax code and lack of Standard Operating Procedures in small companies has resulted in the uncertainty of GST submission.
Now with Ask4GST (GST Checker), you can get right reports and insight with your own data.  No Installation is required

  •  Reports
    • Summary reports
    • GST Settings
    • GL vs Tax Code
    • Item vs Tax Code
    • GST-03 submission vs GL


  • Sage UBS
    • Sage UBS Payroll is popular with SME in Malaysia. It provides comprehensive payroll configuration for users and update according to policymaker.
  • Payroll Panda
    • Manage your payroll , employee records, relevant deductions for authorities through simple and easy to use website. No server and installation are required.

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