GST 202+ and Ask4GST Health Check Program


After 2 years of GST implementation, there are possibilities of company encounters GST non-Compliance issue due to initial system setting not set-up properly or left unchecked for long period of time. Your assumption must be all well but no one really can tell how well your setting until you have a way to examine your own data. 
Incorrect understanding of GST legislation and wrong tax code assignment can lead to wide range of error and issue. This might lead to shortpayment of tax to RCMD and can be fine by authority  once they caught up with you. On the other hand, under claim GST Input Tax can be financial burden for the company as the profit margin of the sales are lower. This is mainly due to business process issue such as receiving supplier invoice late and key into previous taxable period. 
GST 202 Health Check UBS System Training is designed for participants/business that using system more than a year. Our GST Health Check methodology and automated tools will provide a holistic view of your system and transaction analysis to identify your error and pattern of your entries. After identification, the course will walk through recovery practical hand-on scenario.