ExtraHop Network Detection Response(NDR) Training Workshop

Success! 2022 Malaysia #gigamon & #extrahop Training Workshop & #threathunting Hunting Competition

We have full class of security engineer, cyber defender from various industries: Bank, Media Broadcasting, Telco, Utilities and CS Agency joining our training workshop and Threat Hunting Competition. Thank you Chris Thomas- Extrahop for conducting the competition and provide guidance the whole event.

These are some of the feedback:
“The Game is intense and we have lot of fun. A lot of take away-the ExtraHop dashboard is insightful, TH definition, environment and tactics are eye opener”
“The Grand Price, Trophy and the food is amazing!
“ I like the music when during the competition. Relax!”

After 2 hours, top 3 player had reached the mountain top and take home the Trophy and grand price.
BRAVO Winners for the 2022 Malaysia #gigamon & #extrahop #threathunting Competition! Thank you for Chris, Joseph, Mun Foong and #Ask4key Team for your effort and dedicated support.

Be Proactive. Re-gain the visibility and re-clam the cyber advantage and leave attacker nowhere to hide with #gigamon & #extrahop . Stay tuned.