Ask4key Auth

“Ask4key provides simple authentication to our guest or contractor who needs to access Internet. It eliminates the need of setting up separate directory server for guest or track their sponsors; employee that allow guest to use the facility. Guest and employee can perform self-service to request for the password. All they need is an active SMS plan and mobile phone. “
——– Head of Network Infrastructure ——

Turn your mobile number as USERNAME for internet access. Ask4key allows guest or employee to use their mobile phone number as username to login into web security gateway  (e.g. Zscaler Cloud Secure Gateway). New user is self-provisioned into the authentication server in real-time and password is send to user mobile phone via sms. Now, guest can access internet using their mobile number (as username) and password given.
Once user authenticated with secure gateway (e.g. Zscaler),  IT admin  will able to view the user (mobile number) web usage logs and can limit their daily quota or restrict their access. In the event, there are any followup with the guest, he/she can reached by his mobile number.

Need a Sponsor for Accessing Corporate Internet
Before a guest can get their password to access  corporate internet; he/she will need a sponsor (normally an employee) to approve his/her request. Ask4key provides workflow to allow requestor apply for access and email will send to sponsor for approval. Sponsor can approve/reject the request via link given in the email.
For walk-in guest, receptionist will use Ask4key’s Front office application  to bypass this workflow and  issue password directly to the guest mobile phone.

Customizable Captive Portal and Acceptable User Policy 
Ask4key also presents Captive portal which can be customised based on corporate needs. It can be informative or marketing oriented splash page. Ask4key captive portal is not limited to any any specific WIFI as it works with wired network (LAN) as well.
It also incorporated secure gateway (i.e. Zscaler)  Acceptance User Policy for Guest to accept before accessing Internet. This typically can be changed without any scripting knowledge.

Real-Time Transaction Reports
IT administrator can access to Ask4key’s transactions via our front office application. It provides all the transactions up to last 180 days  and can be downloaded as CSV and PDF.
IT administrator can analyse top sponsors and guest that utilise the system. From this system, IT administrator also can identify the sponsor for specific guest (mobile number).

Self-Service with Social Login
No need to do any registration. Ask4key make it possible for guest to use your existing username and password for Facebook, Google, Yahoo, Linkedin or Twitter to authenticate Guest using corporate Internet. In return, corporate will have the email id of the user from respective social network to ensure traceable.  Web activities from the guest will be logged for 180 days and can be searched or filtered based on the parameters.

Self-Service with Kiosk/Printer
Enterprises can also opt for the Self-service kiosk and thermal printer to provide wifi passcode. A Self service kiosk that allows user to key in details or just press for the passcode is provided to the Guest/BYOD user (specially in lobby or waiting area). This also can be integrated to Point of Sales (POS) that can generate a passcode upon purchase an item from the shop.


  • Streamline authentication process for guest, BYOD and contractor
  • Simple to setup and usage reports Cost effective for multiple branches/location

End user/Employee

  • Self-Service to obtain password
  • Using mobile number as Username; No need to remember any username or password
  • Same username and password for multiple devices and across branches/location


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