Authentication as a Service


Corporate Authentication for BYOD, Guest or Student

Ask4key’s Authentication as a Service can be used in conjunction with Zscaler, ZeroShell or other SAML V2 compatible applications to enable corporate authentication for guest users or BYOD. It allows users to access corporate captive portal and request for authentication code. User will received authentication code via SMS and will be authorized by Ask4key’s Authentication server to access company resources (e.g. Internet). Ask4key’s directory stores the username which is in the form of mobile number. This can be kept by corporate for marketing or update notices. Corporate IT administrator can utilize those information to monitor and control the user activities in the corporate environment.

Solution Benefits

  • No messing up with corporate Active Directory to add guest user account. Guest account and BYOD can be added by using  mobile phone 

  • Using mobile number  as username (with SMS verification) to get access to company public resources  (e.g. Internet)

  • Support SAML V2 that allows easy integration with other application that needs authentication

  • Corporate can use same auth service across Headquarter, branches or training center without need to deploy any hardware or software on-site