Zscaler Active Defense (Deception Technology) with Fortinet Firewall 

Title Zscaler Active Defense (Deception Technology) with Fortinet Firewall Objective Auto-Containment for Immediate Blocking Requirements Windows 10 Lab Machine A C2 platform running with .NetZscaler Active DefenseFortinet Fortigate Firewall Scope One windows machine One attacker’s machineInternal Segment Attack Simulation MITRE Techniques ID Execution – T1059.001 Defense Evasion – T1562.001 Executive Summary Technically, ASK4Key will take […]

Gartner SSE Leader Zscaler ZIA Training Workshop | 23 JUNE Thursday

Ask4key is inviting you and your team to our Gartner Security Service Edge (SSE) Leader -Zscaler on the flagship Zero Trust exchange Zscaler Internet Access (ZIA) training class. This training is complementary for you but based on first come first served basis as the seat as limited At the end of this session, participants are […]

Cyber Threat Actor Share Global 50K List of IPs vulnerability VPNS

Kuala Lumpur, 25th Nov – Malaysia (552) and Thailand (992) corporate SSL VPN Gateway IPs are listed as part of the exposed VPN weakness. Although patches (for CVE-2018-13379 ) have been out for several months but it seems that corporations are taken it lightly on this vulnerability. Globally this exploits affected government agencies, big enterprises […]

Join us : Lee Dolsen, Chief Architect, Asia Pacific & Japan Zscaler speaks on “Recalibrating Cybersecurity in the New Reality”.

Ask4key Thailand and Malaysia would like you to not miss out the chance of  Zscaler webinar “Recalibrating Cybersecurity in the New Reality” on 6th Nov 2020. Meet the speaker Lee Dolsen, Chief Architect, Asia Pacific & Japan Zscaler, the cloud-based information security company headquartered in California. Register NOW http://bit.ly/3mHgDiV and attend the exciting gifts!