Ask4GST – GST Health Check

Ever wonder there are possible GST errors in last 2 years.

“How can I identify those GST error?”
“Did my company overclaim or underplaid Customs?”
“Can I correct it before Customs officer come for audit?”

在这2年多的GST实施中,  Sage UBS用户还是所以会经常想:

 “如何才能识别以前GST 错误, 有高手幇忙检查就好了 ”
“以前旧同事做的GST03, 可能有些GST错误是少付 或多给Customs, 如果customs来答不出怎样办?”
“如果知道后能在Customs Officer还没來審计之前先改正就好了!!”
Ask4kGST – GST Checker Apps
就是专门设计的GST健康测试Apps. 你将会看到所有不合规格GST 記录和健康报告. –Free Trial/ 免费试用

Ask4GST – SAGE UBS GST Checker

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Join thousand of other GST preparer and tax agent using Ask4GST to identify and examine their GST health report.
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What about You?

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