Ask4GST New Release Version 2.2.2

What’s new in Ask4GST Version 2.2.2  ( 4/18/2018) 
Ask4GST has assisted thousands of tax professionals and companies to reach higher compliances with lower cost. Many companies are able to identify their own GST errors before being pointed out by the authorities.
In the lastest version


– new section to identify last bank reconciliation activity before submission
(It is important for company to identify all fund received has proper tax invoice)

– Upload GAF file and identify GAF files error compare to RCMD GAF format
– Download Error to inform your accounting system provider on the potential error ; You will be suprised there are many accounting system failed
– Compare GAF file and TAP file based on Taxable period
P.s. Don’t forget to use Ask4GST UBS Input Tax report to inspect all your Taxable purchase in single easy read report to ensure right taxcode and also details are keyed in.
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