Zero Trust Network Access Training Workshop | 10 August| Wednesday

Ask4key would like to invite you and your team to our Zero Trust Network Access training class. This training is free and will be a hands-on training.

At the end of this session, participants are expected to have the knowledge of Zero Trust Network architecture and how it operates, its authentication process, diagnostic drill-down, configurations for app connectors and app segments, as well as the knowledge to perform configuration for audit logs, access policies and many more. We will also share some of the common issues and how the administrators can perform the troubleshooting, and recommend the best practice on how to avoid it from happening again.

This round, we will also introduce 2 bonus modules which are Ansible automation to improvise your Zero Trust Network operation using the Ansible automation playbook, and Zscaler Active Defence that uses honeypot deception technology to populate your network with decoys.

Date:   10th August 2022 |Wednesday
Time:   9:00am – 5pm
Venue: Ispace, Plaza VADS
First come first served basis!
Please contact us at :[email protected] for further information.