#Veedeeo (video conferencing) 60 days free trial

The Coronavirus outbreak is having a significant impact in businesses around the world. Companies started to be seriously affected by employee absence due to illness and quarantine measures. For the many teams who are making the shift to remote work ,it’s more important than ever to stay coordinated and provide the clarity needed to move […]

PROMOTION !! Video Conferencing System Solutions

                CHOOSE YOU PRODUCT:       VEEDEEO with real-time translation feature with multi-language to choose from..     PLANTRONIC CALISTO 7200 with Noice Block technology & crystal clear speaker quality suitable for personal or huddle meeting.     PLANTRONIC CALISTO 3200 is portable ,easy to carry external […]

Launching New XPOP Table Multi-Touchscreen 47"

We are delighted with the launching of new XPOP Table touchscreen (XPOP-MT47)  in Malaysia.  Table Touchscreen has been popular in many countries such as Korea, Japan and United Kingdom but it is pretty new in Malaysia. It has been used in restaurants, pubs, libraries, schools, museums, directory services and others. Starbucks Korea has been using […]