Gartner Leader Zscaler ZPA Training Workshop | 10 August Wednesday

[10th Aug 2022, Wednesday] Another successful Ask4key hands on – Zscaler Private Access (ZPA) training event for our customer and prospects. We hope the session has gain you a fruitful and beneficial details information on ZPA. Thanks, and stay tuned to our next training event.  

Validate Zscaler Security Service Edge (SSE) security effectiveness with AttackIQ Breach Attack Simulation Tool

TitleĀ  ValidateĀ  Zscaler Security Service Edge (SSE) security effectiveness with AttackIQ Breach Attack Simulation ToolĀ  ObjectiveĀ  Proactively find and reduce security gapsĀ  RequirementsĀ  Windows 10 machineĀ  (Installed with Zscaler Client Connector) AttackIQ Breach Attack Simulation PlatformĀ Ā  ScopeĀ  One endpoint windows 10 machine Zscaler Client Connector Common test scenarios for content filtering and common fileless malware […]

Ransomware & Delete Volume Shadow Copies

TitleĀ  Common Threat Actors TTPs: Execute Ransomware and Delete Volume Shadow CopiesĀ  ObjectiveĀ  Auto-Containment for Immediate BlockingĀ  RequirementsĀ  Windows 10 Lab MachineĀ Ā  Windows 2019 ServerĀ  A C2 platform running with .NetĀ  Basic file encryption of RansomwareĀ  Zscaler Active DefenseĀ  Fortinet Fortigate FirewallĀ  ScopeĀ  One victimā€™s windows machine (Joined Domain)Ā  One attackerā€™s machineĀ  One Windows 2019 […]

2022 Zscaler Live Seminar in Malaysia- Zero Trust and Deception Active Defense

The 1stĀ Zscaler 2022 top security trends seminar – zero trust and deception active defense event was held in Sheraton, Petaling Jaya KL on 25th Jan 2022 from 2:30PM to 4:30PM was a success. Attendees feedback: ” Eye-opener seminar” ” Great event! Really miss it” ” A lot to take home- the food, spin games and […]

[Live Seminar] 2022 Top Security Trends that Organization are closely watching- Zero Trust Security and Deception Active Defense

We are please to announce the 1stĀ #Zscaler-Ask4key live seminar in Malaysia-“2022 Security Trends that Organization Watching-Zero Trust Security and Deception Active Defense Smokescreen” scheduled on 25th Jan 2022 in Sheraton PJ Hotel. Eric Chan, Zscaler Director of Sales Engineering APAJ will share the latest trends, opportunity and benefit in the seminar This live seminar is […]

Happy Thaipusam to all Hindu’s!

Itā€™s a time for the celebration of the victory of good over evil. Donā€™t kill your soul but kill the evil thoughts. Let us continue the spirit! Wishing you a Happy Thaipusam to all Hindu’s.