PROMOTION !! Video Conferencing System Solutions

                CHOOSE YOU PRODUCT:       VEEDEEO with real-time translation feature with multi-language to choose from..     PLANTRONIC CALISTO 7200 with Noice Block technology & crystal clear speaker quality suitable for personal or huddle meeting.     PLANTRONIC CALISTO 3200 is portable ,easy to carry external […]

Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri

Ask4key Team would like to wish all Muslims customers and partners  Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri and Happy Holidays for all of you !

Ask4DBBackup for UBS | 现在可用

做一份 Backup 不再是烦恼 Ask4DBBackup for UBS 为 Sage UBS Accounting, Inventory  & Payroll 用户而设 Ask4DBBackup 是一个每日自动计划备份工具。 只需设定备份时间和备份资料, 完全自动化备份在: -电脑内存 -携带硬盘 -DropBox – Ask4GST 每当备份完成,将会收到电子邮件通知。 欲知详情:

Ask4DBBackup for UBS ~ now available

Effortless Schedule Backup. Convenience . Directly into Dropbox Introducing Ask4DBBackup for UBS Designed for Sage UBS User (Accounting, Inventory and Payroll)    Just configure the time and files, Fully automated data backup at: Your local Desktop / Laptop External Hard Drive DropBox Ask4GST (for GST Checker) *it even works why you are doing HOUSEKEEPING    Please […]

Ask4GST New Release Version 2.2.2

What’s new in Ask4GST Version 2.2.2  ( 4/18/2018)  Ask4GST has assisted thousands of tax professionals and companies to reach higher compliances with lower cost. Many companies are able to identify their own GST errors before being pointed out by the authorities. In the lastest version UBS – new section to identify last bank reconciliation activity before submission […]

Ask4GST – GST Health Check

Ever wonder there are possible GST errors in last 2 years. “How can I identify those GST error?” “Did my company overclaim or underplaid Customs?” “Can I correct it before Customs officer come for audit?” 在这2年多的GST实施中,  Sage UBS用户还是所以会经常想:  “如何才能识别以前GST 错误, 有高手幇忙检查就好了 ” “以前旧同事做的GST03, 可能有些GST错误是少付 或多给Customs, 如果customs来答不出怎样办?” “如果知道后能在Customs Officer还没來審计之前先改正就好了!!”   Ask4kGST – GST Checker Apps 就是专门设计的GST健康测试Apps. 你将会看到所有不合规格GST […]

Selamat Hari Raya Aildfiltri

Ask4key Team would like to wish all Muslims customers and partners  Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri and Happy Holidays for all of you !

Ransomware "WannaCry" on the Prowl

New Ransomware Variant “WannaCry” You might have just thought ransomware war is over and yet  new ransomware is creating havoc in this highly networked world.  This time round it has been more widespread as within hours, 99 countries reported has been hit by this malware. Similar to it previous variant once it is infected your computer it […]

GST 202+ and Ask4GST Health Check Program

  After 2 years of GST implementation, there are possibilities of company encounters GST non-Compliance issue due to initial system setting not set-up properly or left unchecked for long period of time. Your assumption must be all well but no one really can tell how well your setting until you have a way to examine your own data.  […]